This is my blog.

Here I post photos and articles about my hobbies: writing, walking and baking.

I am a London based scientist during the day but in my free time I like to go on urban hikes around London. My latest walking activities can be found here.

My second great passion is writing. Most recently, I wrote a book about overcoming the emotional stresses and mental problems associated with unemployment. This is a FREE book you can download! Read more about it here.

I used to live in Finland and I loved it so much I am writing a novel about a Brit in Finland based on my experiences. During my time in Finland, I developed a love for baking. I will upload images of my bakes soon.

Finally, I used to be a comic performer. I’ve participated in sketch writing and improvised comedy, taking two shows up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011 and 2012. I also draw scenes depicting current affairs  and have branched out into writing haikus to describe the Finnish lifestyle.

I performed regularly in London, and commonly in Bristol as well as other parts of the UK including Glasgow and Cambridge student unions.

I also wrote film reviews with The Bioscopist and covered the BFI London Film Festival from 9-20th October 2013. I am also a professional photographer for venues that host live comedy and music nights, here are some example snaps.

Happy reading.